Best Buys for Saucepans User Survey

Best Buy Saucepans Survey – UK

 Which are the best buy saucepans? In the UK you could be confused by choice. There are dozens of cookware sets from around £30 to an eye-watering £170 or more.

To locate the best buy pots and pans in Britain, we decided to ask the people who really know: owners who have used their saucepans for six weeks or more.

Which saucepans are best?

Which are the best pots and pans for you depends on your budget and cooking hob.

Users recommend saucepan sets    Judge Vista Saucepans   Tefal Jamie Oliver pots and pans   Tefal Essential cookware   Le Creuset stainless steel pots

Which is the best buy saucepan setUsing the knowledge gleaned from our research and user ratings we can help you find out which saucepans are best for your cooking needs and hob.



Compare Saucepans

You can easily compare saucepans sets at-a-glance here.

Compare saucepans against each other   Circulon Infinite cookware   Raymond Blanc pans   Circulon Elite pots and pans

Clearview by KitchCraft   Tefal Expert saucepans   Ready Steady Cook stainless steel   Russell Hobbs classic stainless steel

We’ve incorporated the 10 things you should look for in a cooking pot into a handy table. So you can compare top pots and pans from Circulon, Judge, Le Creuset, Raymond Blanc, Tefal and more.

Top 10 Pots & Pans

Our tables show the compatibility and features of the UK’s top ten pots and pans.

The top 10 saucepans sets await you.




Best Buy Saucepans - 10 Things You Should Look for

What to look for in the best buy saucepans. Here are the qualities of an ideal cooking pot that will deliver you no mess cooking results and easy washing up:

• Stainless steel or lighter weight aluminium
• Just saucepans or do you want a frying pan(s) too
• Flat bases, balanced handles & stack ability
• Glass see through lids or opaque metal ones
• Lid vent-holes or balancing lids for no mess simmering
• Heat resistant handles and knobs
• Non-stick coatings
• Oven safe
• Dishwasher safe
• A lifetime guarantee

Here’s what these qualities of good pots and pans mean to you:

1 Aluminium or Stainless Steel

The main benefit of aluminium or anodised (hardened) aluminium is lighter weight. Stainless steel is heavier.

2 Just saucepans?

Most sets contain 1 x 16cm, 1 x 18cm and 1 x 20cm pots. Some manufacturers also include a milk pan and or one or more frying pans.

3 Flat bases, balanced handles & stack ability

You want a flat base for security on the hob. A flat base also heats more quickly.

Cheap pots and pans may have handles that are heavier than the pot and are consequently unstable when empty.

All the pots in our top 10 are well balanced and stack nicely on top of one another for handy, decorative storage.

4 Glass see-through lids or opaque metal ones
5 Lid vent-holes or balancing lids for no mess simmering

See through lids can be handy. Vent-holes mean the glass doesn’t steam up and you can also precisely control no mess simmering.

If you go for opaque metal lids you want ones that balance ajar so you can simmer.

6 Heat resistant handles and knobs

These are either made of heat resistant hard plastic (phenolic) or incorporate silicone pads. Handles or knobs may still get too hot to handle without an oven glove.
7 Non-stick coatings

Non-stick coatings are generally limited to milk pans and frying pans and not found on stainless steel pots and pans.

8 Ovensafe

This isn’t the same as oven proof. Most of these pots can be put in the oven to keep warm or brown food. But, they aren’t casseroles.
9 Dishwasher safe

Means you can put the saucepan in a dishwasher without the handle or knobs cracking and the pot tarnishing.

10 Lifetime guarantee

Most manufacturers offer this guarantee, but you need to read the instructions that come with the pots. For example, glass lids may not be covered.

Saucepan sizes

Sizes generally refer to the internal diameter of the pot. These are the most common sizes and approximate capacities. A set will usually contain 16, 18 and 20cm pots:

Diameter Capacity guide
14 cms (milk pan)


16 cms


18 cms


20 cms (Large) 


Frying pans also come in varying sizes. The most common are 20cm diameter omelette/1 portion pans and 24cms 2 portion pans.

Gas, Electric, Radiant, Halogen Hobs

All the pots and pans sets in our top 10 best buys are compatible with these cooking fuels.

Saucepans for Induction Hobs

Induction hobs cook using magnetism. Manufacturers incorporate steel plates into the bases of their aluminium or stainless steel pots. To find out which are the best buy pots and pans for your hob check out our page which saucepans for induction hobs

Saucepans for Ceramic Hobs

A ceramic hob generally mixes radiant and halogen rings. Some incorporate induction rings. See which saucepans for ceramic hobs

Best Buy Saucepans - How Much Should You Pay for Quality?

Cheapest best quality saucepans hereWe say don’t buy the cheapest pots and pans when you can buy the best cookware cheaply. How does 50% off sound?

You can pick up a reasonable set for around £50. Pay a little more and you’ll own our best buy Judge Vista set. 

From anywhere in the UK, we can help you track down the best buy saucepans today. And you can get the best price, too, with our How to buy saucepans that are right for you guide.


How to Buy Saucepans that are Right for You (and Your Hob)

We trust the page above is helpful, but we have another guide - How to Buy Saucepans that are right for you and your hob - you'll find it here on these pages. Its also a great way to find the best deals on saucepan sets right now.

Best Buys Compared is the practical way to make your money go further and acquire fast heating pots and pans that deliver consistent cooking results without mess. You’ll find them here in this user nominated list of the UK’s ten best buy saucepans sets…

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