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Which electric shaver is best? In the UK 2017 many men use this grooming tool to keep stubble at bay and side-burns looking sharp. They range in price from around £40 to an eye-watering £200 or more. But which electric shaver is the best buy for you?

At Best Buys Compared we’ve surveyed the experts who really know the answer: Owners and users who’ve paid out hard cash for their foil or rotary shaver. These people have used their electric shaver for 3 months or more.

Welcome to the Best Buy Electric Shavers Survey 2017 : 

So far, we’ve surveyed more than eighteen hundred people. With their help we’ve been able to draw up this report on the UK’s best buy electric shavers.

Which Electric Shaver is Best 2017?

Which is the best buy frying panOur survey responders told us – it’s the Philips RQ1280cc (9.23/10). Find out why this wet/dry rotary shaver has what it takes to be voted number one on our which electric shaver is best page.

Note: The Philips RQ1280cc is at the cutting edge of rotary shaver design and performance.
However, you should know there are also Foil shavers that are equally highly rated by users for delivering a close comfortable shave. You’ll find them here...


Top 10 Best Buy Electric Shavers 2017 UK

Our top 10 is based on more than 1,871 user reviews and ratings of the most popular shavers available in the UK today.

Users recommend   Philips RQ1280cc top rated electric shaver   Philips RQ1180 ranked 2nd   Braun 790 foil shaver ranked 3rd   Wahl 7200 budget shaver ranked 4th

You can find all top 10 electric shavers on another page. For now, here are the four shavers users recommend:

Rank Model Type Overall Users’ satisfaction rating* Lift/cut Trimmer Wet & Dry Expect to pay around**
1 Philips SensoTouch RQ1280cc Rotary 9.23/10 Y Y Y £230 Philips RQ1280cc top rated best buy 
2 Philips SensoTouch RQ1180cc Rotary 9.18/10 Y Y Y £115 Philips RQ1180cc top rated best buy 
3 Braun Series 7 790 Foil 9.16/10 Y Y Y £180 Braun 790 top rated best buy foil shaver 
4 Wahl 7200 Ultima Foil 9.03/10 - Y Dry £40 Wahl 7200 top rated best buy budget shaver 

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* Best Buy Rating – The Overall Users’ Satisfaction rating. How all users rated their experience of their shaver model after 3 months of use.

** Indicative prices correct at time of publication – could be lower now – check individual dryer pages for the latest low prices.

10 Things You Should Look for in a Best Buy Electric Shaver

We all know what an electric shaver looks like, so here are the 10 qualities to look for when you buy an electric shaver to suit your face, stubble type and style:

• Will it suit my face skin?
• Do I need wet & dry operation?
• Will it deliver a close comfortable shave?
• Which is better a rotary or foil electric shaver?
• How long is the battery endurance?
• How quickly does the battery re-charge?
• If the battery is flat will it run on the re-charge chord?
• Has it got a pop-up hair trimmer?
• How do you keep the shaver clean?
• Are spares easily & cheaply available?

Here’s the reason why you should ask these key buying questions:

1 Will it suit my Face Skin?
2 Do I need wet & dry operation?

Your skin type Shaver Operation Useful Accessories
Sensitive Wet or dry Self clean & lube
Rugged Dry Self clean or a brush

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It used to be that you simply used your electric shaver dry and applied aftershave or perhaps a balm afterward. Men with sensitive skin often got dry skin or irritated red patches.

Today, shaver technology offers the choice of conventional dry operation like the Wahl 7200 or Remington R6150. (These dry shavers are often cheaper to buy).

Or, you can have a wet dry shaver. This is a waterproof shaver that can be operated wet or dry. This gives you the option of using shave foam or gel with your electric razor. Good news for men with sensitive skin.

Many of the top 10 electric shavers also come with a self-cleaning gadget (see below)

3 Which is better a rotary or foil electric shaver?

A rotary shaver usually has a battery of 3 circular, cutting foils arranged in a triangle. Beneath each cutting foils spins a rotary cutter.

A foil shaver has one or more curved, metal foils running the width of the shaver. Beneath each foil is a battery of circular cutting blades that oscillate from side to side.

Which is better a rotary or foil shaver? This is a debate that will run and run.

Foil shavers are noticeably louder than rotary types. On the other hand their spares seem to be cheaper.

Rotary shavers may just have the edge in shaving awkward or knobbly bits like under the chin (because you can hold them so that just one cutting foil is precisely in contact with the skin).

Better the devil you know?

Your current razor? Choose
None – just starting to shave Rotary or Foil
Wet razor   Rotary or Foil
Foil shaver Foil
Rotary shaver Rotary

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What we did find in our research was this. Some men who successfully used a foil shaver for many years were dis-satisfied when they swapped to a rotary shaver. And vice versa.

4 Will it deliver a close comfortable shave?

A close, comfortable shave is not determined by the type of electric shaver but by the sensitivity of the cutting foil and the sharpness of the cutting blade.

Comfort (and quickness of shave) comes from the ability of the shave head to follow the contours of your face. 3D flexing is better than 2 D flexing, and so on.

Closeness and smoothness of shave depends on the sensitivity of the cutting foil. The metal foil needs to be tough but just microns thick. The pattern of grooves, slots and holes needs to catch and channel stubble into the path of the cutting blades. And those cutting blades need to be razor sharp.

Basically, you’ll pay more for sophistication. The Braun 790 Series 7 foil shaver offers 3 levels of shave precision lift and cut technology (channels & grooves) and 4 cutting foils. The Wahl 7200 on the other hand has just 2 cutting foils. It costs a fraction of the Braun 790.

5 How long is the battery endurance?
6 How quickly does the battery re-charge?
7 If the battery is flat will it run on the re-charge chord?

Cheap electric shavers are often cheap because their batteries aren’t up to snuff.

What you want is a one hour recharge period, delivering a predictable 14 days (or more) shaving time.

Most dry shavers can be used on the re-charge cord. Wet dry shavers don’t have this facility. What modern batteries offer instead is a 2-3 minute shave after just 5 minutes of re-charge.

8 Has it got a pop-up hair trimmer?

The humble pop-up hair trimmer is an essential male grooming tool. It makes your shaver two tools in one. With an integral trimmer you can tackle 3 day old stubble, prune a beard or sharpen up side-burns, a moustache or goatee.

We say don’t buy an electric shaver that doesn’t have a pop up hair trimmer.

9 How do you keep the shaver clean?

Conventionally, you popped off the shaver head and brushed it out, maybe also running it under the tap.

The latest electric shavers come complete with a gadget that acts as stand, cleaner and lubricator. Philips calls theirs the “Jet Clean”. This shaver cleaning station will keep your shaver in optimum order, but you’ll have to pay for the electricity to run the sanitizer and for refill cleanser & lubricator.

Good news is you can often find the same model shaver without this gadget for a cheaper price.

10 Are spares easily & cheaply available?

Shaver spares are widely available. The most commonly replaced part is the cutting blades. A set varies in price depending on the model from around c£20 up to c£40.

You’ll find that a reasonable shave is transformed into a smooth shave simply by replacing the cutting heads.

Manufacturers suggest you replace your shaver’s cutters once a year. They would wouldn’t they?

Electric Shaver Comparison 2017

Compare frying pans against each otherWhich shavers in our top 10 have all these qualities? You’ll find them here on the electric shavers compared page.



The Best Buy Electric Shaver – An Essential Men’s Grooming Tool

Best Buy Electric Shavers are hereAn electric shaver (sometimes called an electric razor) is a cordless, hand held men’s grooming tool that contains an electric motor powered by a re-chargeable battery.

The motor runs the cutting heads. These cutters are placed behind a metal foil to protect facial skin. Each foil has combs, slots and holes designed to catch and channel facial hair and stubble into the cutters’ path.

Foils are just microns thick – to enable the shaver to deliver a close, comfortable shave.

Get the wrong, cheap electric shaver and you may find it’s just not up to the job of shaving quickly and comfortably. You may be left with reddened skin and patches of stubble. Worse, it might not come with an integral hair trimmer and the battery may take hours to recharge.

Get the best electric shaver at the cheapest price and you’ll acquire a men’s grooming tool that will last for years. It will also offer the option of a quick dry shave or a soothing wet shave with either cream or gel.

Our best buy electric shaver page is here

Wherever you are in Britain, Best Buys Compared will guide you to the foil or rotary shaver that’s best for you – as nominated by the experts who really know about these things – fellow UK owners and users.

Whatever you look for in your daily shave you’ll find it here in our user survey of the UK’s top 10 best buy electric shavers…