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Which Frying Pan for Induction Hob?

The best frying pans at the keenest pricesWhich frying pan for induction hob? By that we mean a frying pan that cooks properly! An induction hob cooks using magnetism and for that you need a steel base plate in your pan.

Ideally, what you are looking for is an aluminium pan with a steel base. Why an aluminium frying pan for an induction hob? After all, aluminium isn’t magnetic.

The reason is that aluminium conducts heat uniformly so you don’t get hot (or cold spots) in your pan. That means in a standard 24cms fry pan you can cook two steaks side by side and at the same speed.

Now combine the qualities of an aluminium pan with a steel base plate and you have a frying pan for an induction hob.

Which frying pan for induction hob ? Our recommendations, based on users’ ratings, are:

Best Buys Compared user recommendations   Castey Vulcano skillet   Le Creuset Deep   Judge Fry Pan

Model  Overall users satisfaction rating  Gas, Electric & ceramic halogen compatible  Induction hob compatible  Best Buys recommends
Castey Vulcano 




Castey Volcano recommended best buy

Le Creuset deep 




Le Creuset deep recommended





Judge best buy for induction hobs

Which Induction Frying Pan Cooks Best?

Which induction frying pan offers the best results? You can see in the above table that both the Castey Vulcano and Le Creuset Deep are well thought of by their owners.

Owners were asked to rate their frying pan for ease of use, consistent results, durability and value for money.

Castey Vulcano - Recommendation 1

Castey Vulcano skilletThe star is the Castey Vulcano. It’s a reasonably weighty frying pan so it won’t buckle under heat or rapid cooling. But it’s not too heavy to move!

Plus, you can remove the handle - to pop the pan in the oven, and its deep enough to be handy for making sauces instead of fry-ups.

Finally, it’s non-stick because you don’t want food sticking. And you will want to clean up easily and quickly after use.

The Castey Volcano is also reasonably priced.

The Le Creuset Deep - Recommendation 2

Le Creuset DeepThe Le Creuset is a great pan. It has similar features to the Castey Vulcano. The handle isn’t removable but it is oven safe to 260*C. The only draw-back might be price – it’s almost twice the price of the Castey Vulcano. Buy it if it’s on offer.




Judge Omelette Pan - Recommendation 3

Judge Fry PanIs the Judge a good frying pan for your induction hob? Yes, as you can see it scores highly and has similar attributes to the Castey and Le Creuset. What lets it down is easy availability in useful family sizes (24cms and above). But, if you want a one person or omelette pan (20cms) this is for you.

It’s made of steel that has an enamel protective coat on the outside and a non-stick coat on the inside. One grouch is that the enamel chips. And that’s the reason why it “only” scores 8.95/10.


Best Buy Frying Pans for Induction Hobs

Castey Vulcano skillet

To conclude: which frying pan for an induction hob? Our recommendation is:

Model Overall users satisfaction rating*  Gas, Electric & ceramic halogen compatible  Induction hob compatible?  Best Buys Compared recommends 
Castey Volcano 




Castey Volcano recommended best buy

This frying pan has the looks, durability and adaptability. You can fry up, stir-fry, sauté, make and omelette and bake with it.

Its price won’t break the bank and it will keep its looks and non-stick qualities for years.

Thanks for looking. Best Buys Compared recommends the Castey Vulcano as the answer to which frying pan for induction hob?

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