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Which are the Best Paper Shredders for Home Office Use?

Which paper shredders are best for home office use? First, let’s just determine what kind of service you want from a paper destroyer.

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A paper shredder consists of a cutter or shredder head that sits over a hopper or waste basket. Feed a sheet of A4 paper into the neck or throat slot of the cutter to activate the process. A sheet of paper is devoured, cut into strips and then cross cut into tiny oblongs, hence the name “cross-cut” or “confetti shredder”.

Users recommend   Ryman XC808M paper shredder   Rexel Pro Style    Amazon Basics 12 sheet Shredder    Rexel Style Plus    

A shredder is a secure way to dispose of unwanted or confidential papers and financial statements. It’s secure because the millimetre long oblongs of cross cut paper are completely unreadable.

Best Buy for

Model  Maximum sheets fed  Capacity of waste bin  Overall Users' Satisfaction Rating 
Best Buy  Ryman XC-808M  c7  c210 A4 sheets  9.43/10 
Best Buy  Rexel ProStyle  c12  c200 sheets  9.09/10 
Best Buy Amazon Basics 12 sheet CD  c12  c210 sheets  8.81/10 

 Aurora AS800CD   Aurora AS1023CD   Aurora AS610C   Fellowes P48C   Aurora AS424C paper shredder for home use

Shredders are rated for security with DIN numbers. The DIN number refers to the size of the particles produced by paper destruction. Most shredders found for domestic or personal office use are DIN 3, occasionally DIN 4.

So, which are the best paper shredders for home use? Our recommendations, based on users’ overall satisfaction ratings, are:



Which is the Best Paper Shredder for Home Office Use?

The Ryman XC-808M 9.43/10 gained the ultimate accolade of overall best paper shredder for home office use. The reason is simple, its price and operational ability.

Ryman XC808M paper shredderThe XC-808M won’t win any prizes for its design. But, that’s not a problem as you can site it along-side or under a desk. The shred controls are clear and easy to use. Crucially, the paper slot is sufficiently wide to enable you to get paper square on entry. That avoids annoying creasing that can cause mis-feed jams. By the way, there’s a reverse button to quickly clear a jam

The manufacturer claims this cross-cut shredder will swallow 7 sheets of paper in one go, but omits to tell us how heavy the paper should be. In practice users report that 4 sheets is the optimum. Endurance before the thermal cut out kicks in is around 2 minutes. This is a DIN 3 shredder with a final, unreadable particle size of 4x18mm

The only down-side is this is a typical lift-off shredder on top of a see-through metal mesh waste bin. You can see how full the bin is but a cross-cut shred generates dust that will penetrate the mesh and you will sprinkle paper shreds when you take off the cutter to empty the bin.

You can also dispose of confidential data on CDs or DVDs and unwanted credit cards. However, while this machine will chew through staples it will balk at paper clips.

Maintenance is simple with occasional applications of shredder oil (down the paper slot) or no-mess lubricated sheets.

Rexel ProStyle 9.09/10 Best Buy Paper Shredder Recommendation 2

Rexel Pro Style The Rexel ProStyle 9.09/10 is ideal for the home office or for personal use in an office environment. It has a simple, rounded design with the controls on the leading edge. The enclosed waste-bin has a viewing window below the controls. This means you can place this shredder beside or under a desk and easily operate it. Easy operation is also aided by the 240mm paper slot.

The Rexel ProStyle should produce less mess. That’s because it has a pull-out waste bin that blocks dust and reduces paper confetti at bin emptying time.

And the down-side? The Rexel ProStyle is something of a Rolls-Royce among domestic paper shredders with a hefty price tag. If budget is a consideration check out the similar designed Rexel Style Plus (8.59/10).


Amazon Basic 12 Sheet CD 8.81/10 Best Buys Compared recommendation 3

Amazon Basics 12 sheet Shredder In third place is the Amazon Basic 12 Sheet CD 8.81/10. This cross-cut shredder is attractive to buyers because of its keen price and claimed ability to shred 12 sheets in one pass.

In practice, users report it struggles with 12 sheets of 90gsm paper. So, in practice 6-8 sheets is more realistic. This is a achieved by a DIN 2 rated cutter head that produces paper chaff of around 5mmx55mm in length.

But remember, that’s small enough to render paper unreadable to prying eyes.


What to Look for in a Best Buy Paper Shredder for Home Office Use

These are the key benefits to check for when investing in a home paper destroyer.

• A wide paper slot or neck (avoids jams)
• Reasonable shredding endurance for around 2 minutes
• Able to shred more than 1 sheet in a pass
• Security rated DIN3 or above for unreadable paper particles
• A generous waste bin
• A pull-out waste bin or shredder sacks (reduces mess)
• Easy maintenance with shredder oil or lubricated paper
• Eats staples
• Nice to have: shreds Credit cards, CDs or DVDs

We hope this article has been of help? Best Buys Compared recommends the Ryman XC-808M as your answer to which paper shredder is best for home office use…

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