Best Buys Compared Frying Pan User Survey

Best Buy Frying Pans User Survey – UK

The best frying pans at the keenest pricesWhich are the best buy frying pans? In the UK almost every household has one (or more). They range in price from under a tenner to an eye-watering £80 or more. But which frying pan is the best buy for you?

At Best Buys Compared we’ve surveyed the people who really know the answer:

Owners and users who’ve shelled out hard cash for their cookware. These people have used their fry pans for 3 months or more.

Users recommend         Castey Vulcano Frying Pan    Le Creuset Deep   Tefal Sensorelle      Raymond Blanc 

So far, we’ve surveyed more than seventeen hundred people. With their help we’ve been able to pinpoint the UK’s best buy frying pans

Which Frying Pan is Best?

Our survey responders told us – it’s the Castey Vulcano. Find out why this pan has what it takes to be voted number one on our which frying pan is best page.

Which is the best buy frying pan   Tefal Supra   Tefal Preference   Tefal Specifics

Top 10 Best Buy Frying Pans UK

Our top 10 is based on more than 434 user reviews of the most popular pans (out of a total 1736 people in the survey).

You can find all top 10 frying pans on another page. For now, here’s the user nominated leading five.

Model  Overall Users' Rating  Amazon best buy?  Induction compatible?  All other hobs?  24cms Expect to pay 
Castey Vulcano 






Le Creuset deep 






Tefal Sensorelle 





Raymond Blanc 




Tefal Supra 




8 Things You Should Look for in a Best Buy Frying Pan

We all know what a fry pan looks like, so here are the 8 questions to consider, in getting a pan you can use for preparing almost any meal:
• Is it the right size and shape for your needs?
• Is it dish-washer safe?
• Is it oven-proof for browning?
• Does it have a non-stick coating?
• Can you dry fry just using the fat present in the food?
• Will it work with an induction hob?
• Will it work on a raised hob range eg Aga?
• Do I need a lid?

Here’s the reason why you should ask the questions above:

1 Is the pan the right size for your needs?

In our survey we found the most popular frying pan sizes were:

20 cms 1 person
24 cms 2 persons
28 cm 3 persons

You can even get 30 and 32 cm types – but make sure they don’t cover your other hobs/rings on your cooker.

Generally, a deeper pan is more useful than a shallow pan. It splatters less and you can use your pan for more than just frying. You can use it for things like omelettes, stir-fries and sauce making.

2 Is it dishwasher safe?

If the pan isn’t dish-washer safe you will have to scrub it by hand!

3 Which Frying Pans Are Safe For The Oven?

Many pans are oven proof – meaning you can put them in an oven for browning, e.g. an omelette. See our guide to which frying pans are safe for the oven?

4 Does it have a Non-stick Coating
5 Can you dry fry with it?

Many pans are Teflon coated. Non-stick gives you the options of:

• Generally using less oil
• Possibly dry-frying e.g. bacon using the food’s inherent fat
• Easier washing up

Stainless steel and cast iron griddles require “seasoning” i.e. a build-up of browning to achieve non-stickiness.

6 Which Frying Pan for Induction Hob?

Believe it or not, induction hobs cook using the power of magnetism.

You need a pan with a steel base.

Check out our page: which frying pan for induction hob? We’ve listed all the best buy induction compatible models.

7 Will it work on a raised hob?

You need a pan with a flat base.

8 Do I need a Lid?

A lid extends the uses of a fry pan to poaching, steaming and simmering sauces. An alternative to a lid is a silicone splatter guard that will double as a lid.

Frying Pan Comparison

Which pans in our top 10 have all these qualities? You’ll find them on the frying pan comparison page.

Compare frying pans against each other    Judge Omelette pan   Le Creuset Shallow skillet   Circulon Infinite griddle pan

Which Frying Pan for Steak?

You’ve got the right pan and with it you can cook this classic dish effortlessly. Our guide: Which Frying Pan for Steak? will deliver you a juicy steak quickly.

The Humble Best Buy Frying Pan

A frying pan (sometimes called a skillet) has a flat bottom and shallow sides – between 4 and 7cms. It’s the universal cooking pan.

You can use yours to fry food, scramble eggs, make an omelette, flat bread or pancake. Or you can sear and brown foods. A deeper pan also gives you the option of making a passable stir fry or cooking up a sauce (or gravy).

And, we can point you to the best of the cheap frying pans - like the Castey Vulcano at wise-buy prices.

Wherever you are in Britain Best Buys Compared will guide you to the pan that’s best for you – as nominated by the experts who know – fellow UK owners and users.

You’ll find it here in the UK’s top 10 best buy frying pans